With the clubbing scene dead for over a year, reimagining the creative potential for our deserted nightlife spaces seems fitting right now. Corsica Studios, originally a hub of underground music and nightlife, has had time to withdraw and reflect, conceiving a new platform to support, entertain and enrich through art.
So Schemata is born. It’s a plan. A blueprint. A vow to remember the void. The time we had nothing. The time we created something from that nothing.

Vortex, Schemata’s first show, reveals the desolate venue.
We experience the dislocated and uninhabited space of the club, with its ghostly ambience that is both familiar, yet distorted and unsettling.

Curating works from artists specialising in abstract world views and alternate realities, Vortex aims to coalesce the realms of digital art, film, performance and sound to create a memorial to nightlife and inspire optimism to move beyond.



Demdike Stare // Drum Machines (DDS)


The latest offering from Demdike Stare, featuring an assortment of pieces with a modded Roland TR-606 at it’s core.

The cassette contains an hours worth of new material featuring the usual fuzzy drum loops, distorted synth lines, and chopped up samples, in a classic DDS style that pairs nicely with a big rig in a dim warehouse.

Find it at Boomkat

Flore and Laksa get busy with Azu Tiwaline


In a confluence of rhythm sorcery you fully expect to be magnificent, this meeting of minds on I.O.T Records revisits Azu Tiwaline’s stunning 2020 EP Draw Me A Silence Part 1 with smokin’ hot remixes from Flore and Laksa. Smoky, heavy-cast atmospheres and undulating drum patterns abound, plus that system-ready pulse where it counts.

I.O.T Records · Azu Tiwaline – Draw Me a Silence (Remix EP)

Agonis’ deep-tripping tech speeds up


Up to this point Swiss producer Agonis has generally been known for rolling out impeccable techno of a deeper persuasion, both in his own productions and co-running the excellent amenthia label. But his new album Neutropia takes that sound palette of moody pads and dub-licked spatial awareness and straps it to some faster tempos and broken rhythms. It’s another sign that faster tempos are providing plenty of inspiration for artists outside the predominant bassweight mindset, and we’re here for it.

amenthia recordings · Agonis – Neutropia [AMEN009]

Agonis live photo taken at Contact Tokyo, 2018, by Kazuhiko Kimishita.

Sentinel 793 bringing it 2008 style


Every drop on Seagrave is a must-check, and there’s usually a generous dose of future-shock rubbed into the breaks and bass drops from their rag-tag posse of sound hackers. But Sentinel 793 is bringing a hefty dose of reminiscence to these ears with the sunny flex of ‘Brukwerk’. It sounds like the kind of jam that would have heralded the early days of Martyn’s 3024 label, or gone down just fine in one of the mind-melting Hessle Audio DJ sets circa 2008. That’s all a very good thing…

The 5″ lathe cut vinyl has already sold out, but apparently numbers were scarce, so cop the digital here.

SEAGRAVE · Sentinel 793 – Brukwerk (SR088)

Virtual Insanity


Google’s latest audio experiment lets anyone get their hands on a bunch of classic synths digitized from the collection at the Swiss Museum for Electronic Music Instruments

The project lets a user create loops, patterns, and tweak parameters of the classic machines either in a virtual world, or even on your own desk

(Virtual) Hardware includes: Akai S900, Roland CR-78, Moog Memorymoog, Arp Odyssey, Fairlight CMI

CCTV has reached the red planet


Peserverance is beaming images 224.34 million km back to our Earth allowing anyone to keep an eye out for Martians

Check it out at NASA