Rewind and come again


Sam Purcell’s Blank Mind label re-releases the iconic Psychotronic EP (SHADOW1) from the Moving Shadow back catalogue 31 years since it’s original release

“The doors are where the windows should be, and the windows are where the doors should be”. If you had been in one of the more open minded all night raves in the early 90s you are likely more than familiar with Earth Leakage Trip’s ‘No Idea’.

So U Kno (Jeez Louise Bootleg)


Galaxian dismantling the electro paradigm


Let’s face, these past few years there’s been a LOT of electro produced / released. As with any wave of hype, at some point the results become so diluted that even an excellent production from a pioneer starts to feel tired. Some labels have been mercilessly mining, some producers churning out, when there’s also plenty of examples of artists who know how to edge some interest into the sound. Take someone like DJ Stingray, who constantly pushes a freaky, fast-paced and fearless strain that stays true to electro’s roots without rehashing them. In a similar vein but doing his own distinctly weird thing is Glasgow producer Galaxian, who demonstrates his might and twisted creative vision on a killer new mini-album for Italian label Curtis Electronix. We’re here for a label so nerdy they name themselves after the maker of an iconic synthesiser chip.

Listen to Destroy Your Future below and tell us it’s not some of the freshest gear this side of Neptune. Due to drop March 7, providing your future isn’t destroyed in the meantime.

Dana Kelley – one of house music’s true originals


Are you familiar with Callisto? Or DKMA? What about short-lived Strictly Rhythm project Boston Boyz? Like too many of the great pioneers of US house music, in his all-too short lifetime Dana Kelley flew a little under the radar in terms of international recognition, but his musical legacy is monumental. He sadly passed away in 2013. Over the past couple of years we’ve been given a second chance to appreciate his distinctive, oh-so legit strain of deep house thanks to a trio of extensive Callisto compilations on the specially revived Guidance, and now we’re taken deeper into Kelley’s catalogue with a first volume of his works as DKMA. The quality just doesn’t let up, and there’s even some unearthed DAT gear sanctioned for use by Kelley’s family, all co-ordinated and put together by the Above Board distro team (headed up by Going Good main-man Brian Not Brian, no less).

StabUdown Productions are BACK


Cleveland’s finest dropping some ruffcut box jams with more than a whiff of late 80s Detroit machine funk. Peaches In The Dungeon – six tracks of pure heat, with a stunning sleeve by Mark Dancey.

Okuda Hiroko


The Casio Employee Behind the “Sleng Teng” Riddim that Revolutionized Reggae

The “Sleng Teng” riddim revolutionized reggae music in the mid-1980s, and has spawned hundreds of versions in the decades since then. Less well known is the story of how the distinctive bassline originated in a preset sample included on a Casio electronic keyboard and the work of a young developer fresh out of college.




Butu Yard triumphs Good Ova Evil


We’ve been clocking the excellent music on XCPT out of Matera, Southern Italy, for a little while now – check the Sativa Club 12″ from last year if you haven’t already – but this new one deserves an extra shout out. There’s not much out there about who or what Butu Yard is (“Jonic coast soundboys collective” anyone?) but the strength of this new single can’t be messed with. Heavyweight dreadstep vibes on the A with a mighty MC spot (alas, without a specific name credit), while the flip offers up a drumfunk depth charge from the aforementioned Sativa Club. Both sides absolutely killer, don’t sleep on this one.



Manonmars and Bogues face off with Ishan Sound and Neek


This is one to snap your head off, straight from the Young Echo firmament. Ishan Sound and Neek join forces to lay down some next level riddims carrying some of Manonmars and Bogues most incisive flows to date. If the names are new to you, track back to get acquainted. If you’re aware already, then this crossing of swords should be very exciting indeed. Pure firepower slated to drop early 2022.

ASTRYD meet Machine Woman, Delay Grounds and more uptown


Claire Sawers’ interview with ASTRYD from earlier in the year highlighted their work in experimental techno as promoters of queer-centric parties, live performers and DJs. Following up on their debut EP Blind Summit, the Bristol-based duo have invited four producers to deliver new abstractions of their original tracks for the Blind Summit Reworked EP. Amongst the excellent results from their findings, which lean heavily into modernist techno territory, is this snappy, industrial-tinged version of ‘Allocated Leisure Time’ by Memory Play. Be sure to check the other sure shots from Machine Woman, Delay Grounds and El Hardwick too though.

ASTRYD · Allocated Leisure Time – (Memory Play Rework)

Catch up on Skam broadcasts


There’s something magical about a label like Skam, who by rights could have dined out on their prescient role in the development of UK electronica but instead stubbornly maintained a stealthy presence which rewards the dedicated followers and shuns hype. The latest in their deep cover endeavours is AMKS, a self-hosted, live-streaming broadcast session which pops up intermittently, with the next show scheduled for this Sunday, October 31, 2021.

You might never be sure exactly who’s on the buttons, although some names are given. It’s no surprise to see a Skam fixture like Gescom popping up, but rumour ‘pon net is there are plenty of other ‘names’ tucked away in the mysterious shows, which have been airing since lockdown began last year. It would figure, given Skam’s heritage, but equally they’re always bringing fresh names into the mix too. Whatever the case, you know the quality of the sonics will be utmost at all times.

You can look over the details of previous transmissions via the label’s Instagram, or if you want to dive into the quintessentially crunchy ‘lectronix the label still proudly carries, a useful YouTuber named Leisure Complex has unofficially archived many of them for your listening pleasure.

Out to Nate from Organic Analogue for the tip-off.

REAL JOURNALISM from Shadow Wolf

Original ASCII art by D. Wolfers.

You know we don’t care about timing too much here at IO. So why not shout out the beautiful December 2020 edition of Legowelt’s Shadow Wolf cyberzine? It’s still a thing of beauty… Loads of shade thrown at ‘the scene’ with deadpan sass, some cool music tech how-tos, reams of beautiful ASCII art, Ron Morelli interviewing Huren, a free compilation featuring the likes of Chupacabras, and loads more besides. Basically a tour around Danny Wolfers’ brain, which is always thoroughly pleasant and a bit strange. Check it out here.

In the interests of being at least slightly contemporaneous, here’s a call for contributions to the next issue, which is in production RIGHT NOW:

“I am slowly putting toghether [sic] a new Issue of the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE! If you have any letters, hatemail, studiotips, poems, ramblings, ideas or stuff you think would be cool for the zine please send it to: shadowwolfeditor // AT //

Stefan Ringer // MetaMusic EP (FWM Entertainment)


Stefan Ringer has to be one of the best operators in the Atlanta house music game, capturing some stunning, bumping grooves on his own FWM Entertainment label, moonlighting on Kai Alce’s NDATL, and collaborating with Ash Lauryn amongst others. But here’s something a little different – a snappy, broken beat / electro flavoured number on his latest, all-killer EP.

Ko-Ta // Shiza EP (Bitta)


Check out the rapid-fire, cycl-o-delic webs being spun by Ko-Ta, Don’t DJ and DJ Nobu on this crucial new drop on Nobu’s own Bitta label.

Guybrush Bleepwood


Point n’ click over to the Jahtari Bandcamp page to cop a FREE (or rather, pay what you want) download of some cheeky dubs of the Secret Of Monkey Island soundtracks. For those unfamiliar – Jahtari is the label helmed by German 8-bit dub maverick disrupt. He’s moved on as an artist now, but he made his name building up a community of chiptune soundfolk pursuing a niche but perfectly realised vibe. From the label themselves:

“Nerdcore Dub versions from ‘The Secret of Monkey Island I & II’ adventure game soundtracks (1990/91), the forgotten Voodoo-Reggae classics from the floppy disc age. The original game soundtracks by Michael Z. Land, in all their uncanny 16bit-Soundblaster FM-synth glory, were a massive influence for Jahtari (weird computer game reggae!) – but could those soothing and somewhat wimpy tracks be translated into a heavyweight dub context, something that might work on a sound system?”





Pa Salieu, Ray Keith, and Joy O x EVISU


Pedalboard: Spotify’s Audio Effects Library for Python


Pedalboard is a Python audio effects library designed to bridge the gap between professional audio software and Python code. It’s built on top of JUCE, the industry-standard framework for performant and reliable audio applications. Just like a professional DAW, Pedalboard supports a number of built-in audio effects, as well as third-party VST3® and Audio Unit plugins. And just like a DAW, Pedalboard prioritizes speed and quality: in basic tests on common developer hardware, it’s up to 300 times faster than the currently widely used packages for Python audio effects.

If you’re interested in trying out Pedalboard, it’s ready now. You can find its code and documentation on GitHub, where Spotify welcome contributions to the code. Installing Pedalboard on your computer is as simple as running one command: pip install pedalboard.

Future Bubblers


Future Bubblers is a brand new expansion of the Gilles Peterson and Brownswood Music ethos. It’s a talent discovery and development idea that they’ve put together in collaboration with Arts Council England, with a real focus on making in-roads into new areas, geographically and musically across England

No limits on style, genre or label – Future Bubblers is seeking out the freshest and most innovative music makers across of England and providing support, mentorship & advice

Check the site here

JUNGLIST w/ Eddie Otchere & Andrew Green


Two Fingas and James. T Kirk (Andrew Green and Eddie Otchere), authors of the seminal ‘JUNGLIST’ book play back some of the tunes that inspired them

Hello caller


Dialled In – celebrating the best of London’s South Asian creative community with a brand new festival

Daytimers, No ID and Chalo are presenting a new festival programme called: Dialled In, which includes a day and night party taking place on Saturday, 11 September in Uplands Business Park, Blackhorse Road, E17.

The three organisations are collaborating on Dialled In to celebrate the growth of the new South Asian underground creative community. Featuring the work of ethnically South Asian artists, Dialled In aims to include a broad range of creatives, with the focal point of the programme being a 1000-person day and night celebration.

Website // RA Event




Lack // Make It Circular (Livity Sound)


Following on from the success of 2020’s ‘Inside’ EP and previous releases on Cong Burn and Blank Mind, Manchester’s Lack returns to Livity Sound with a brand new EP of hybridised and dubbed-out techno cuts.

“I wanted to try and create a sense of space or calm within the tracks, even if only subtle,” Lack said of the release. “I suppose it was a reflection on the crazy state of the world and needing to find space within myself to stay grounded and get through it.”

From the deep bass and irresistible skank of ‘Grapefruit’ to the rapid yet ice-cool propulsion of ‘Microshift’ and the spacious yet energised rhythms of ‘Make It Circular’ and ‘Constant’, this new record further explores Lack’s fractured techno aesthetic, skilfully joining the dots between broken dub techno and vintage dubstep.

Out July 9 – cop it via the Livity Sound Bandcamp.

Take a trip back 20 years


There’s plenty of documenting of the late 80s-early 90s rave scene going on, but not many people have been shining a light on the less mythologised culture of partying at the turn of the millennium. Super clubs were still a thing, and Britain’s youth were still happily free from the death grip of digital communication while out on the sesh. Matthew Smith – a true underground veteran from the free party and traveller culture onwards – was busy in the clubs in the early 00s, and now he’s made a book showcasing some of his fantastic photography from that overlooked era.

In Smith’s own words, “We now live in times when digitally mediated behaviour seems to have taken over direct human behaviour. The reason for publishing this unique collection of images now is to remind people of a time when the joyous, unfettered energy of rave was everywhere, of a time when people were actually present in the moment, independent and free.”

Full On. Non-Stop. All Over is available to pre-order now.

Pulsar w/ Headhunter (2 hour interview)


@addisongroove sat down with @joe pulsar and talked all things Headhunter.
Early Bristol dubstep, Tempa, Radio 1 with Mary Anne Hobbs, becoming Addison Groove, 808s, winging live PAs on Boilerroom and Fabric + touring.

Humint // It’s Bunk!


The incoherent output of one being trying to make sense of the scrabbled world. Is there any intention to this outpouring or just more noise adding to the deafening hum? Humint act as the sonic mouthpiece for this unstoppable urge to splurge.

The message must be heard, whatever that may be…

Must see: Sisters With Transistors


Streamable from today – a documentary celebrating pioneering women in electronic music. Narrated by Laurie Anderson and featuring Clara Rockmore, Daphne Oram, Bebe Barron, Pauline Oliveros, Delia Derbyshire, Maryanne Amacher, Eliane Radigue, Suzanne Ciani, and Laurie Spiegel, you know this is going to be an education for anyone ensared by the art of production and the philosophy of experimentation.

Stream Sisters With Transistors at Modern Films.

Photo: Maryanna Amacher by Peggy Weil.

The Endless Acid Banger


Algorithmic self-composing acid