So U Kno (Jeez Louise Bootleg)


Galaxian dismantling the electro paradigm


Let’s face, these past few years there’s been a LOT of electro produced / released. As with any wave of hype, at some point the results become so diluted that even an excellent production from a pioneer starts to feel tired. Some labels have been mercilessly mining, some producers churning out, when there’s also plenty of examples of artists who know how to edge some interest into the sound. Take someone like DJ Stingray, who constantly pushes a freaky, fast-paced and fearless strain that stays true to electro’s roots without rehashing them. In a similar vein but doing his own distinctly weird thing is Glasgow producer Galaxian, who demonstrates his might and twisted creative vision on a killer new mini-album for Italian label Curtis Electronix. We’re here for a label so nerdy they name themselves after the maker of an iconic synthesiser chip.

Listen to Destroy Your Future below and tell us it’s not some of the freshest gear this side of Neptune. Due to drop March 7, providing your future isn’t destroyed in the meantime.

Dana Kelley – one of house music’s true originals


Are you familiar with Callisto? Or DKMA? What about short-lived Strictly Rhythm project Boston Boyz? Like too many of the great pioneers of US house music, in his all-too short lifetime Dana Kelley flew a little under the radar in terms of international recognition, but his musical legacy is monumental. He sadly passed away in 2013. Over the past couple of years we’ve been given a second chance to appreciate his distinctive, oh-so legit strain of deep house thanks to a trio of extensive Callisto compilations on the specially revived Guidance, and now we’re taken deeper into Kelley’s catalogue with a first volume of his works as DKMA. The quality just doesn’t let up, and there’s even some unearthed DAT gear sanctioned for use by Kelley’s family, all co-ordinated and put together by the Above Board distro team (headed up by Going Good main-man Brian Not Brian, no less).

StabUdown Productions are BACK


Cleveland’s finest dropping some ruffcut box jams with more than a whiff of late 80s Detroit machine funk. Peaches In The Dungeon – six tracks of pure heat, with a stunning sleeve by Mark Dancey.

Okuda Hiroko


The Casio Employee Behind the “Sleng Teng” Riddim that Revolutionized Reggae

The “Sleng Teng” riddim revolutionized reggae music in the mid-1980s, and has spawned hundreds of versions in the decades since then. Less well known is the story of how the distinctive bassline originated in a preset sample included on a Casio electronic keyboard and the work of a young developer fresh out of college.