Pedalboard: Spotify’s Audio Effects Library for Python


Pedalboard is a Python audio effects library designed to bridge the gap between professional audio software and Python code. It’s built on top of JUCE, the industry-standard framework for performant and reliable audio applications. Just like a professional DAW, Pedalboard supports a number of built-in audio effects, as well as third-party VST3® and Audio Unit plugins. And just like a DAW, Pedalboard prioritizes speed and quality: in basic tests on common developer hardware, it’s up to 300 times faster than the currently widely used packages for Python audio effects.

If you’re interested in trying out Pedalboard, it’s ready now. You can find its code and documentation on GitHub, where Spotify welcome contributions to the code. Installing Pedalboard on your computer is as simple as running one command: pip install pedalboard.

Future Bubblers


Future Bubblers is a brand new expansion of the Gilles Peterson and Brownswood Music ethos. It’s a talent discovery and development idea that they’ve put together in collaboration with Arts Council England, with a real focus on making in-roads into new areas, geographically and musically across England

No limits on style, genre or label – Future Bubblers is seeking out the freshest and most innovative music makers across of England and providing support, mentorship & advice

Check the site here