Butu Yard triumphs Good Ova Evil


We’ve been clocking the excellent music on XCPT out of Matera, Southern Italy, for a little while now – check the Sativa Club 12″ from last year if you haven’t already – but this new one deserves an extra shout out. There’s not much out there about who or what Butu Yard is (“Jonic coast soundboys collective” anyone?) but the strength of this new single can’t be messed with. Heavyweight dreadstep vibes on the A with a mighty MC spot (alas, without a specific name credit), while the flip offers up a drumfunk depth charge from the aforementioned Sativa Club. Both sides absolutely killer, don’t sleep on this one.

Heavyweight Swiss dubbings from NEW.COM


Out to the fine folk at RwdFwd, always pinging things on the radar that might otherwise go undetected. This is heavy meditation business for anyone who carries a torch for the likes of Skull Disco, or gets their switch flicked by the more recent Pretty Sneaky drops.