Brutal Sheffield In Photos

Martin Dust, a professional photographer as well as one third of The Black Dog, is releasing a book in March.

Pioneering, ambient techno outfit, The Black Dog, originated in the Steel City, and their ties run deep. Brutal Sheffield is a visual, rather than musical, expression of the city. Its 104 pages contain 90 photos, as well as thoughts and feelings which evoke the city’s spirit as much as its brutalist architecture.

“I didn’t want this to be a nostalgia trip with rose-tinted glasses,” Dust explains, “nor did I want to present the place I live as a run down shitehole but I’ve long been a fan of ‘publish and be damned’ so, here it is My Brutal Sheffield, I hope you love it as much as I do.”

The Black Dog wrote a lot of music at the same time as creating the book, to help slow down the process. Entitled Music For Photographers, the tracks will be released one-by-one via their Patreon page.

Head here for more information and to buy the book, then put on their 2020 album Fragments and enjoy the read.