REAL JOURNALISM from Shadow Wolf

Original ASCII art by D. Wolfers.

You know we don’t care about timing too much here at IO. So why not shout out the beautiful December 2020 edition of Legowelt’s Shadow Wolf cyberzine? It’s still a thing of beauty… Loads of shade thrown at ‘the scene’ with deadpan sass, some cool music tech how-tos, reams of beautiful ASCII art, Ron Morelli interviewing Huren, a free compilation featuring the likes of Chupacabras, and loads more besides. Basically a tour around Danny Wolfers’ brain, which is always thoroughly pleasant and a bit strange. Check it out here.

In the interests of being at least slightly contemporaneous, here’s a call for contributions to the next issue, which is in production RIGHT NOW:

“I am slowly putting toghether [sic] a new Issue of the SHADOW WOLF CYBERZINE! If you have any letters, hatemail, studiotips, poems, ramblings, ideas or stuff you think would be cool for the zine please send it to: shadowwolfeditor // AT //

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