Maoupa Mazzochetti // UXY Dosing©

There’s a sensation listening to Maoupa Mazzocchetti’s music which is akin to having luminescent paint flung at you from every angle, except the paint doubles up as magnetic putty forcibly attracting every metallic object in a 10-metre radius.

Belgium-based sound alchemist Mazzocchetti has been demonstrably unusual and viscerally hi-def since his first outings on Mannequin, dropping by labels like Editions Gravats, Knekelhuis, Arma and more to unfurl a sound that draws on elements of system-shocking rudeness on its path through wild style sound design. Even his comparatively measured reggaeton-licked collaborations with Clara! sport a glint of mad genius that marks him out as a producer with vision that will be more readily understood in years to come.

Uxy Dosing© comes on hard like a manifesto of urgency, displaying dizzying heights of synthesised hysteria and brutally sculpted drum blasts. There’s space for musicality between the studio brawn though – it’s a fun record as long as you don’t mind things getting intense. It should speak volumes that the collaborators include Emma DJ and ZULI – the kind of mavericks who are currently making experimental electronics playful as well as challenging. From nightmare low riders with horror string stabs turned up to 11 (‘Mon Dico’) to hyper-pop melting into mutant electronica indulgence (‘Moon Is A Bell For Meteor’), the sensory overload is real, and oh-so addictive. One dose certainly won’t be enough.

This review was originally published as part of Juno Daily’s Albums of the Week round-up.

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