Guybrush Bleepwood

Point n’ click over to the Jahtari Bandcamp page to cop a FREE (or rather, pay what you want) download of some cheeky dubs of the Secret Of Monkey Island soundtracks. For those unfamiliar – Jahtari is the label helmed by German 8-bit dub maverick disrupt. He’s moved on as an artist now, but he made his name building up a community of chiptune soundfolk pursuing a niche but perfectly realised vibe. From the label themselves:

“Nerdcore Dub versions from ‘The Secret of Monkey Island I & II’ adventure game soundtracks (1990/91), the forgotten Voodoo-Reggae classics from the floppy disc age. The original game soundtracks by Michael Z. Land, in all their uncanny 16bit-Soundblaster FM-synth glory, were a massive influence for Jahtari (weird computer game reggae!) – but could those soothing and somewhat wimpy tracks be translated into a heavyweight dub context, something that might work on a sound system?”