Free Palestine

The horror unfolding in the occupied territories of Palestine shows no signs of slowing. IDF bombardment of all areas of Gaza continues to wreak devastation and unimaginable suffering on Palestinian civilians, while military raids and settler violence continue to keep the people of the West Bank under the brutal fist of repression. Here at IO we firmly believe in the Palestinian people’s rights to live free of the inhumane treatment and cultural erasure of the Israeli regime. In the mire of 20th Century colonialism, Zionism, exploitation, capitalist interests and power dynamics that form a backdrop to the escalating aggression from Israeli forces, Palestine’s struggle to exist means something for everyone in a world infected with right wing ideology. Long after the rubble is cleared, the dead mourned and Gaza rebuilt, the actions of Israeli forces during this latest barrage of attacks will be remembered as a chilling reminder of the long-term damage dealt by Western influence and interference.

It’s important to declare support for the parts of Israeli society and wider Jewish diaspora who equally believe in a free Palestine and have taken brave action to stand up and call out the repressive atrocities of the Israeli government – a corrupt body which does not represent their views. It’s straight-forward calling out such horrors from a long distance, but another thing entirely while under the glare of an oppressive regime. States do not always represent the people.

Continued vocal support for Palestine, awareness of the atrocities being inflicted and pressure on our governments is incumbent on everyone who believes in the Palestinian people’s right to exist in peace. No one pretends the answers are simple or easily achieved, but the humanitarian urgency is stark. Across the music community, artists, labels, promoters and more have expressed their solidarity and organised to raise funds for the innocent victims of this war, and the brave agencies working (and dying) to help them. We’ve rounded up some of the radio shows, charity compilations and other resources which aim to raise money and awareness. 

Explore the links, look for more information and active campaigns you can support. Stay informed and speak up when it feels right to – the more weight the world puts behind Palestine and its culture, the harder it will be for Israel to erase.

For one insight into the realities for Palestinian artists, revisit our interview with Muqata’a from 2021. 

Radio Alhara

The value of a Palestinian-run radio station feels all the more vital when whole universities are being levelled in a continuation of Israel’s erasure of Palestinian culture. The programming on Bethlehem-based Radio Alhara continues to be informative and emotive, bringing in considered shows in response to the atrocities from artists all over the world. Listen here.

Free Palestine: A Compilation for Humanitarian Aid

“In an effort to raise money for Palestinian aid charities, I’ve reached out to lots of talented artists who have kindly contributed their music to this incredibly important cause. 

Sonically it traverses chugging electronics, proto electro, Italo dance, UK techno and leftfield bass from artists like JD Twitch, Ambien Baby, Lisene, GoodMostlyBad and Azo, all of whom are joining our call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.


All proceeds from the compilation will be split 50/50 between two charities who are working hard to provide support and humanitarian aid in Gaza: Medical Aid Palestine and War Child UK.”

Various Artists – In Solidarity With Palestine –

“In the face of the current global atrocities, particularly in Palestine, Congo, Armenia, Sudan, and beyond, it’s indescribably frustrating and frightening to witness the suffering of the world we’re living in right now. Our guide of hope lies in the power of communities worldwide to amplify the voices of those currently silenced, demonstrating that solidarity transcends all boundaries.

This compilation features 69 musicians and bands coming together to call for a ceasefire and an end to the occupation in Palestine, donating their tracks to support the people in Gaza. Expressing our concern about the NGOs that have left Gaza at such a crucial moment and our worries that donations are not reaching Gaza immediately, all proceeds from this compilation will go directly to local organizations and to families and individuals displaced in Rafah aiming to assist them in acquiring tents, covering rent, and meeting their basic life necessities according to their needs.”

Various Artists – No ComplY – A Gaza Skatepark Fundraise Compilation 

Various Artists – Avon Terror Corps x Exist Festival

‘Resist to Exist’ is a collaborative album released in conjunction between Exist Records and Avon Terror Corps raising awareness to the Palestinian medical services’ efforts to safeguard their population in the face of Israeli airstrikes against their territories. This necessary initiative was led by Exist Founder, Odai Masri who tragically passed away on 30 June 2023. Odai Masri was the founder of the first Palestinian electronic music record label Harara Records and Exist Festival. Forever cementing himself in Palestinian Resistance folklore, not a single day passes where the magnitude of the void left in his absence is not felt. A colossal character possessing the gift of transcendental humility and boundless compassion, it is in time like this when his voice and absence is most felt.

In light of the ongoing genocide being committed in Gaza, Exist Records and Avon Terror Corps have decided to release a second-run of the renowned ‘Resist to Exist’ shirt to raise much needed funds for medical aid in Gaza. From October 2023 100% of all profits will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians Gaza emergency appeal.

Pulling Threads w/ MI-EL – October 2023

NTS LATEST · Pulling Threads w/ MI-EL 251023

Story time with mi-el as she traces the lines between Palestinian struggle and the history of White Supremacist Imperialism through the lens of her family history, offering an insight into the many ways in which we are all connected to the current international crisis.

Pulling Threads w/ MI-EL – November 2023

NTS Friday · Pulling Threads w/ MI-EL 221123

Another Palestinian-centric show as mi-el dives further into the intersections between the white supremacy, racialised capitalism and the afterlives of colonialism. This time she platforms the voices of Palestinians such as Yasser Arafat, the children of Al-Shifa Hospital and Dalal Abu Amneh, alongside a number prolific black scholars over the past century.

Sun Araw – LA Solo


All proceeds donated directly to displaced families in Gaza via Gaza Surf Club.”

Kerrie – Right To Freedom 

All proceeds for this release will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians & Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.
W&P by Kerrie. Artwork by Palestinian artist Abdulrahman Hashlamon.
“I composed most of these tracks while the current atrocities have been going on, so they are coming straight from the heart. Music is a form of self expression and I am lucky enough to have the privilege and freedom to do so.”

Various Artists – EQ50 presents 4GAZA

EQ50 is proud to present 4GAZA: a 23-track compilation in support of Palestinian liberation.

Like so many, we have been horrified and deeply affected by the current and ongoing genocide, crimes against humanity, devastation, and displacement of people in Gaza and beyond. Spurred by the dire situation and acute need to help in as many ways as possible, we called on our support network of talented producers, asking them to contribute a piece of music to this fundraising project – and they definitely came through with the goods.

4GAZA spans many moods of D&B and Jungle, from deep liquid to tearout. Please buy what you can, support, share! All profits will be split between Anera, an ‘on the ground’ organisation helping refugees and others hurt by conflicts in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan since 1968 – learn about their daily activities, and DecolonizePalestine, an independent self-funded collection of resources for organizers and anyone who wants to learn more about Palestine, founded by two Palestinians living in Ramallah – .

It’s our moral obligation to continue demanding and pushing for an end to the Israeli occupation and all apartheid states – please keep calling for a permanent ceasefire, safe return of more prisoners and hostages, marching, emailing MPs, and amplifying Palestinian voices.

Palestine Film Institute 

An incredible resource for Palestinian films – a true celebration of culture and expression, all free to watch online.

Various Artists – For Palestine (Paralaxe Editions)  

Hello. My name is Dania and I run the Paralaxe Editions label. Outside of this, I am also an Emergency Medicine doctor and an Arab in the diaspora. Growing up, Palestine was a frequent topic of conversation in my home. What is happening now is not a new conflict. The horrific images we are currently seeing in Gaza are simply the latest manifestation of an oppressive system that dates back decades. I’m usually a private person, but as a doctor, a woman and an Arab whose whole life was uprooted by war and Western imperialism, leaving me displaced from my homeland, I feel compelled to act in the face of a situation that seems increasingly dire by the day.

Looking to make some kind of positive contribution, I’ve reached out to friends, colleagues and fellow artists from a variety of geographic, social and ethnic backgrounds, asking if they would donate some of their music to a fundraiser compilation.

‘For Palestine’ is that compilation and I hope that the breadth of the participants involved helps to underscore the severity of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and in Palestine in general.

ZULI – Komy [EP]

This is a collection of club tracks I’ve been sitting on for years, some of which date all the way back to 2016.

I named the EP ‘Komy’ which is Arabic for the 7 of diamonds; the most valuable card in the card-game ‘Bassra’. One of the Komy’s functions in Bassra is that it collects all the cards on the floor at any given point. I’ve been working on newer, more current material that some people may have heard in my live set, so I thought releasing this older batch on Bandcamp now might be the quickest way to get them out there before releasing my newer stuff.

My collaborators and I have decided to donate all the profits from this EP to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

Jabu – All Undone (Do You Have Peace)

Originally broadcast on NTS, 11/11/23. Any profits made from this release will be donated to medical aid for palestinians (

Various Artists – Keep The Children Safe (Industrial Coast)

A compilation in support for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP UK)

There will be a 90 minute cassette, plus a vastly expanded digital offering, available only with cassette purchase. There will be circa 40 tracks digitally!

Confirmed artists include: Autumns, Caldwell & Tester, Abigail Toll, Payroll Pony Bones, Vanity Productions, Karim Mass, Ethan Lee McCarthy (Primitive Man), Dj Chooch, Sarah Safaie, Edward Jason Gibbs, Joanna Mattrey, Finlay Shakespeare, Matekoi, Ybalferran, Brak. Thank you, Steve.

MI-EL – From The River To The Sea

Mastered by Toumba. Artwork by Okocha Obasi. Special thanks to all the collaborators:

Abdullah Osman, London, Arabic // Agostino, London, Italian // Ailish, London, German, Ukranian + German // Archie Fetherstonhaugh, London, Welsh // Azu Tiwaline, Degueche, English // Don-ri, New York, Irish // Ewa Dumoulin, Berlin, Flemish // Gabby Bueser, London, Tagalog // Goya Van Der Heyden, Amsterdam, Dutch // Ingi, London, Icelandic // Jaql, New York, Cantonese + Mandarin // Jelly, Berlin, Russian // Keziah Doudy, London, French // Mahsa Salali, London, Farsi // Matheus Da Silva Neves, Lisbon, Portuguese // Mees Bergshoeff, Amsterdam, Dutch // Mooje, New York, English // Musys, Leeds, Arabic (Palestinian Accent) // Nahash, Montreal, English // Nick Gordon Brown, Nottingham, Spanish // Nsimire Bisimwa, London, Swahili + Lingala // Richie Ires, Galway, Irish // RS Tangent (Giant Swan), Berlin, English // Safak Oral, Turkish // Smokey, Copenhagen, Danish // Sofia Del Carmen, London, Tagalog // Sonia Onesto, Berlin, Italian // Zuli, Cairo, Arabic //

Sha Ru – Fog

Various Artists – C2E – Emergency for Gaza (Cease To Exist)

Free Palestine.

All proceeds raised from the sales of the compilation will be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. PCRF ensure humanitarian aid & medical care to the children of Palestine.

Contributing artists: Varg2TM, Van Boom, Spöke, FAKETHIAS, Estoc, Zozolqa, Ytem & Chemist, Toumba, Bertrand., Anthony Linell and Via App.

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