Chunky levels up

The Manchester-based, Zimbabwean MC steps forward with a solo single.

You might have first encountered Chunky rousing the masses at Outlook or spitting bars across the madcap flex of the LEVELZ collective – either way there’s no mistaking his distinctive tone, swagger and lyrical flow. More than just the mic man though, now Chunky’s preparing to step forth as a fully-formed solo concern with a largely self-produced debut album headed up by a head-spinning single, ‘MEH’. From the unnerving, seasick production in the back to the verbal dexterity upfront, it’s an insanely assured step forward which promises a lot for the full album. By rights, this should put Chunky front and centre as one of the most vital voices emanating from Manchester.

The single gets a proper send-off with one seriously slick video from Ellis Meade – a spiralling sequence to match the circular swerves on display in the track itself. Get twisted to it below: