Chill Out Pioneer Mixmaster Morris’ 60-minute musical profiles

The one-and-only Mixmaster Morris is the fountain of podcasts we all need.

Morris Gould: a ’90s ambient techno trailblazer, icon of the chill out room, rampant eclecticist and essential electronic music personality. Over the past few months, he has been busy supplying his Mixcloud page with themed mixes, showcasing a wide range of artists’ music. He recently upped the ante and, in the last two weeks alone, uploaded mixtapes based on the productions of Rhythm & Sound, Jon Hopkins, Rahul Dev Burman, DJ Spinna, Laurie Anderson, Rei Harakami, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Matthew Herbert, Jon Hassell, Todd Terje, Taylor McFerrin, St Germain and more. If you ever needed an entry point to any of these artists, the encyclopaedic knowledge and discerning ear of the veteran DJ is surely a good way in.

Unsurprisingly, given Gould’s background in the time out room of 90s raves, most of the mixes are ambient-ish. Not all, though, there’s also dubstep from Koan Sound, techno from Dan Curtin and plenty more. If you want to support a genuine UK music legend in his eternal quest to share the music he loves, sign up to his Mixcloud Selects subscription, where there are further, exclusive profiles on the likes of Kate Bush, Mad Professor and Dorothy Ashby.