Anodyne // Decayed

Following up on his 2020 release ‘Decay’, Anodyne returns to Acroplane Recordings with ‘Decayed’ an EP taking 2 tracks from ‘Decay’ plus an excellent array of remixes

‘We Are All We Have’ and ‘Lockdown 3.2X’ are lifted from ‘Decay’ and given the vinyl treatment, alongside remixes from Autechre and Somatic Responses (also Acroplane regulars)

Autechre strip the drums from ‘We Are All We Have’ and create a dark evolving ambient piece from the remaining stems, whereas Somatic Responses take the already explosive ‘Lockdown 3.2X’ and add some additional breaks and bleeps


We Are All We Have

Lockdown 3.2X

We Are All We Have (Autechre Remix)

Lockdown 3.2X (Somatic Responses Fractured Remix)

We Are Not Okay (Primary Node Remix)

Illusion of Gods (Lackluster Remix)

Follow Through Hell (S>>D Remix)