Heavyweight Swiss dubbings from NEW.COM


Out to the fine folk at RwdFwd, always pinging things on the radar that might otherwise go undetected. This is heavy meditation business for anyone who carries a torch for the likes of Skull Disco, or gets their switch flicked by the more recent Pretty Sneaky drops.

Anodyne // Decayed


Following up on his 2020 release ‘Decay’, Anodyne returns to Acroplane Recordings with ‘Decayed’ an EP taking 2 tracks from ‘Decay’ plus an excellent array of remixes

‘We Are All We Have’ and ‘Lockdown 3.2X’ are lifted from ‘Decay’ and given the vinyl treatment, alongside remixes from Autechre and Somatic Responses (also Acroplane regulars)

Autechre strip the drums from ‘We Are All We Have’ and create a dark evolving ambient piece from the remaining stems, whereas Somatic Responses take the already explosive ‘Lockdown 3.2X’ and add some additional breaks and bleeps


We Are All We Have

Lockdown 3.2X

We Are All We Have (Autechre Remix)

Lockdown 3.2X (Somatic Responses Fractured Remix)

We Are Not Okay (Primary Node Remix)

Illusion of Gods (Lackluster Remix)

Follow Through Hell (S>>D Remix)

it’s time for the percolator


Visit this site, keep the tab open, and every time someone posts the immortal words as preached by the one and only Curtis Jones onto the internet, you get a caffeine-rich dose of jackin’ Chicago business pumped straight into your ear drums.

Yes, we are publishing this blog post to test the theory.

Out to Mosca for the tip!

Galcid’s day-to-day machine madness


Lena Saito’s work as Galcid deserves far more recognition. The Japanese artist has a razor-sharp approach to head-spinning electronica with a fierce hardware bite. Ahead of her incredible new album Hope and Fear dropping on Detroit Underground, here’s one of her brief vignettes that shows her juggling an obsession with sequencing and sonics with her life as a mother. Respect to Lena, on all fronts!


ZULI, melteth our minds

We’ve always known Ahmed El-Ghazoly is an absolute genius, but this new drop coming soon on UIQ really takes the cake. Just… wow.

Aybee points the way


We’ve been wondering where the mighty Armon Bazile has been at for a little while now, and just like that, he drops a new EP on deepblak. An initial listen suggests this is packed full of the cosmically-charged rhythms and tones he’s forged his name on, taking the inquisitive spirit of spiritual jazz, Detroit techno and West London broken beat to the next step.

Photo credit: Marie Staggat